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Who want to learn german in Berlin

In times of crisis there is an emerging need to improve our curricula with something to make them more visible and give them the best position when being chosen as candidates for certain jobs. The management of several languages is something that is considered to be a very good condition. However, what is clear is that we need to be trained properly in the knowledge of those languages. And how? There are various ways.

We can be trained in conventional language schools, going to class a few times a week; these classes can also be combined with conversation classes (these will make us to be much better mastered on the oral aspect of the language we are studying – often it is more valued to be competent on the oral level than on the written one). We can also adapt our daily lives to the language we are learning, i.e., listening to music in that language, reading or watching movies in original version with subtitles, etc.. Finally, if we really want to make our learning complete and exclusive, it is highly recommended (if possible) a stay in the country of origin of the language we are studying.


A summer campus

German in BerlinA Summer campus, intensive or semi-intensive courses in language schools of that country … In Germany, for example, there is a school that offers the study of German in Berlin. It offers intensive, semi-intensive or afternoon classes to those who work during the day (another good option – work on location to refine the language even better). These courses have several hours per week. The language school also offers the possibility of a language exchange with a German student to continue practising the language outside of class, and it also helps you to find a place to live during the course: individual or shared apartments with other students in the same situation than you.

Apart from language exchange, it is also emphasized the cultural and entertainment  aspect that the city of Berlin offers to its tourists, visiting the main museums of the city and the region, and enjoying the night-life of Berlin. Then, the aim is to achieve a complete and satisfactory language immersion with a course of German in Berlin, and that the student leaves the country with almost total command of the language that she or he has gone to study.

Such experiences may make you eligible for better jobs and skilled labour of some importance. With the dominance of one or several languages, the range of possibilities opens up a little more and can be the opportunity, for example, to work in the export department of a company. Increase the mastery of a language and it is very likely that your job possibilities multiply.


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