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15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

La cinematografía alemana siempre ha sido inventiva y creativa y nos ha brindado muchas películas y programas de televisión brillantes. After Dark nos dejó boquiabiertos hace unos años y estamos ansiosos por que llegue la nueva serie de misterio alemana. Es de los mismos creadores y vence el 17 de noviembre. Mientras lo esperamos, echemos un vistazo a los 15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver.

Oscuro (2017 – 2020)

Una de las principales razones por las que no podemos esperar a 1899 es este brillante misterio de ciencia ficción de Netflix: Dark, un drama que nos presenta a cuatro familias que viven en un sombrío pueblo de Alemania. Todos ellos están de alguna manera conectados y algunos comparten un gran secreto que nos trasladará al año 1986.

Jumping from the present to the 1980s we begin to follow the case of a disappearance of a little boy and at the same time, we witness a supernatural occurrence that is connected to a dark cave somewhere in the middle of the woods near the town. Extremely interesting and complex, Dark is a must-watch if you want a show that won’t let you rest for a moment and will constantly force you to use your brain and try and solve the mysteries.

Fingersmith (2005)

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

Fingersmith a romantic crime-drama starring Imelda Staunton and Sally Hawkins is set in Victorian England and follows the story of Susan “Sue” Trinder, a finger smith (British slang for thief) who lives in the slums of London together with Mrs. Sucksby, a woman who tends for unwanted babies.

When Sue is offered money to be part of a scam in which she has to defraud a wealthy heiress, she believes that her poor days are over. She must become Maud Lilly’s maid and help Mr Rivers marry Maud. the plan is to send Maud to a madhouse and inherit her money but things begin to change when Sue falls in love with her.

The Third Day (2020)

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

Jude Law stars in this mystery horror-drama which is told through six episodes. It is about a man and a woman who arrive on a mysterious island at different times. The show is divided into two halves, Summer and Winter.

Summer introduces us to Sam who is drawn to this mysterious island off the British coast where he meets a group of islanders who want to preserve their tradition. Winter is about Helen who comes to the island in search of answers, but her arrival will cause more havoc than expected.

The Girl in the Mirror (Alma, 2022 – )

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

This Spanish mystery horror-drama tells the story of a girl Alma who after surviving a terrible bus crash, wakes up with no memory or any recollection of the accident she had. Everyone is a stranger to her and her home is a place full of secrets and mystery.

She is slowly starting to become paranoid, convinced that everyone around her is lying and trying to turn her into someone else. She will be forced to unravel all the things around the accident before her reality vanishes and she becomes someone she is not.

Taboo (2017 – )

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

One of the best British tv shows from the last decade, Taboo is a gloomy and mysterious adventure, centered on one man surrounded by his close and distant ones who are directly or indirectly connected to the things he is dealing with.

Slow-paced and very introspective, with the impeccable Tom Hardy as the leading man, Taboo will maybe not immediately put you on the edge of your seat, but will gradually make you want more and more. Hardy plays James Keziah Delaney who returns to London during the war of 1812 with a plan to rebuild his father’s shipping empire. But everyone wants his inheritance, both the government and his biggest competitor.

The Nevers (2021 – )

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

Directed by Joss Whedon, an expert in fantasy, this interesting sci-fi thriller- The Nevers centers on a gang of Victorian women with unusual abilities. They will soon find themselves on a mission that might change the world, full of dangerous enemies and intriguing adventures.

This supernatural drama is slow-paced but is constantly growing in suspicion. It is well-written and well-acted, with brilliant characters, showing us powerful and strong-willed women in the predominantly male world of that time.

Into the Night (2020 – )

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

Into the Night is a Belgian sci-fi thriller-drama about the survivors on an overnight flight from Brussels who are faced with radiation coming from the Sun and causing a global disaster on Earth. They will have to run from city to city and try to stay ahead of sunlight and constantly live in the dark.

This is an interesting apocalyptic show that deserves a better production since it has a really good premise. Hopefully, there will be a second season that will continue with this intriguing story that will give us more information about how this catastrophe happened.

Dracula (2020)

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

This drama-horror mini-series is based on one of the most famous gothic novels of all time, the 1897 Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It consists of three episodes and it follows Count Dracula from his very origins in Eastern Europe to his fights with Van Helsing and many others.

Mina is the girl who has stolen Dracula’s heart and she is the only one who might change his plans, at least for a short amount of time. One of the most unusual love stories has once again gotten its screen time and we can never get tired of it.

The Society

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

The Society is a sci-fi thriller that introduces us to the teen population of the town of West Ham, Connecticut who are the ones that remained after the rest of the inhabitants of their wealthy little town mysteriously vanished. They will be forced to run their own community when they find out what happened to their families and friends.

It all happened when they returned from a canceled field trip and found a town without no connection to the outer world. Surrounded by a dense forest and without a telephone or Internet, the youngsters will have to come up with their own rules to survive the unimaginable.

Stranger Things (2016 – )

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

One of the best and most beloved tv series in the last decade is this nostalgic sci-fi mystery set in the 1980s. It is the story of the small town of Hawkins, Indiana where strange things start happening after a peculiar incident that starts a chain of events leading to a child’s disappearance.

Will Byers is a quiet boy who spends his days with his best friends, playing games in the cellar and riding a bike. His disappearance unlocks a secret that has been hidden for many years and forces his friends and family to confront supernatural forces stronger than any human being can deal with.

Midnight Mass (2021)

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

Midnight Mass es un misterio de terror que nos lleva a una pequeña y aislada isla donde conocemos a su comunidad cuyas vidas comienzan a cambiar con el regreso de un joven deshonrado y la llegada de un sacerdote carismático. La aparición de Paul del padre en la isla Crockett coincide con los eventos misteriosos e inexplicables que comienzan a suceder.

Todos esos milagros resultan en un renombrado fervor religioso en la comunidad, pero pronto resultará evidente que tienen un precio. 

1983 (2018)

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

1983 es ​​un thriller polaco que tiene lugar en 2003, 20 años después de un horrible ataque terrorista que ralentizó el curso de la liberación de Polonia y la caída de la Unión Soviética. Es ahora cuando un estudiante de Derecho y un policía descubren una conspiración que no ha dado a Polonia la oportunidad de ser libre mucho antes. 

Esta nueva revelación es definitivamente algo que se convertirá en una espina en el ojo de quienes están en el poder y no se detendrán ante nada para mantenerla en secreto.

Bancos exteriores (2020 -)

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

Outer Banks es un drama criminal de acción que nos presenta a un grupo de adolescentes del lado equivocado de las vías que encuentran un mapa del tesoro que esconde un secreto enterrado hace mucho tiempo. Son adolescentes Pogue que están decididos a descubrir qué pasó con el padre del líder del grupo.

Ha estado desaparecido durante un período de tiempo más largo y, mientras intentan descubrir qué pasó, descubrirán este tesoro legendario que está estrechamente relacionado con él. Pero las cosas no serán tan fáciles ya que los Pogue están siendo perseguidos por la ley y un grupo rico de chiflados. 

Penny Dreadful (2014 – 2016)

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

Penny Dreadful es un misterioso drama de fantasía ambientado en el Londres victoriano, donde nos presentan a un grupo de individuos fascinantes que se reúnen para luchar contra algunas de las amenazas sobrenaturales más increíbles e inexplicables. 

El científico Victor Frankenstein, el pistolero estadounidense Ethan Chandler, el explorador Sir Malcolm Murray y la médium Vanessa Ives tendrán que lidiar con mucho más de lo que esperaban al principio. Vanessa empezará a tener visiones horribles y se convertirá en la persona a la que todos tendrán que temer y tratar de traer de vuelta al lado bueno.

Chaquetas amarillas (2021 – )

15 mejores programas como 1899 que debes ver: misterios alucinantes

Yellowjackets es un drama de terror y una historia sobre la mayoría de edad que se centra en un equipo de talentosas jugadoras de fútbol de secundaria que sobreviven a un horrible accidente aéreo en algún lugar profundo del desierto del norte. 

El programa sigue sus intentos de supervivencia, desde un equipo complicado hasta clanes salvajes, y muestra lo que les sucede 25 años después del accidente y cómo nunca han olvidado lo que les pasó en esos bosques. Es obvio que hay cosas sin resolver y que lo que pasó allí aún no ha terminado.

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